Courtesy data loss protection service

Most photographers or videographers don't bother with offering a data protection service. At Dupon Photography, I like to be unique.

All of my clients are provided a courtesy archive service of keeping wonderful art backed up on secure data storage systems. This is something Dupon Photography takes very seriously because keeping and saving digital memories could arguably be the most important job as a creative specialist.

Courtesy two-year archive

All corrected pictures from your photographic experience are kept on secure data storage systems for a minimum of 2 years!

That means if you ever lose your artwork for whatever reason, you just contact me and I will send you the art that I created from your photographic experience (most likely they would still be in the online gallery).

Essentially, that is two full years of stress-free data protection of your art! Now you can dance to your favorite music in your living room, because why not?

What if I lose my art after the 2-year period?

I strongly encourage you to back up all of your art, but if something does happen after the 2-year period, I may still be able to get your pictures back to you.

Since I never delete any of the artwork I create, you could have stress-free data protection for a lifetime! However, after 2 years from the date of your shoot, you will be typically required to pay a small archive fee.

What is a lifetime archive?

You may be thinking, "Wait what? Lifetime archive??? That sounds nuts!" and I would totally agree with you!

Since I permanently keep your art, you can get them back after the 2-year period for an archive fee. The term lifetime is defined as the existence of Dupon Photography, which means as long as I stay in business, you're covered.

Now go and have an epic party, because again, why not?

Important liability note

It would be extremely rare if something happened to my data as I am constantly archiving my artwork and keeping them secured. I do my best to make sure nothing bad happens to them, but that doesn't mean that something unfortunate could happen to them. Please be advised that the 2-year archive is not a guarantee and is just a courtesy service provided to you. You are strongly encouraged to backup your art on your local hard drive and the cloud if possible.

Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions, please contact me!

Have a wonderful rest of your day!


Gabriel Dupon