Commercial Services

Grow your business with customized photo & video production

Dupon Photography provides commercial photo & video services to help reach your goals! I work with small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs to create them content that highlights their passion and sets them apart from their competition. I do this through the use of strategic marketing methods and cinematic narrative filmmaking techniques that inspires people to take action.

Our simple 3-step process

Step 1: lean

Let's schedule a time for me to learn about your business and talk about your goals.

Step 2: plan

Let's create a plan for how I can create amazing content for you.

Step 3: produce

Production includes writing the script, filming, editing, audio, and delivery.

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Get photos of your team, products, customers, and facilities. This is great marketing content for your website, advertising, social media, and more!




Get unique video highlighting your business! I will create a strategic marketing video that will help your business grow. Videos are said to be one of the most powerful marketing methods, so why not use them?



Photo + Video Subscription

Get high quality photos and videos throughout the year to use for all your marketing and advertising needs.


Types of commercial services

Promotional & Marketing

Using video and photo for promotional, advertising, and marketing efforts is perhaps our most valuable service to your business. I can create any of the following
- product/service demonstration video
- persuasive advertisements
- inspiring promotional films
- organization history video
- testimonial videos

Contact Dupon Photography to talk about how I can create the most perfect promo video for you!

Internal communications

An easy way to communicate to your employees is by creating custom videos and photos to share with them. You can share important announcements and impress potential investors with a custom video presentation.

Contact Dupon Photography to talk about how I can create internal communication videos and photos for your business.

Education & Training

Do you need educational, explainer, or training video and photo content for your organization? If you do, then I would love to help. If not, you should definitely consider it.

Educational and training content can help train employees, welcome new members to a club, or demonstrate how to use a product you sell.

Contact Dupon Photography to talk about how I can create the best educational videos and photos for you!


I often help non-profit organization (such as 4-H) to help them spread awareness or create educational content for the community. Contact Dupon Photography to talk about how I can help your non-profit grow!

Live event

I offer event photography, videography, or online broadcasting at your event. This service allows guests to enjoy and remember their experience at your special occasion.

Contact Dupon Photography to talk about how to best capture the excitement of your special event!


Need something more unique? Let's chat! Contact Dupon Photography and I will put together a custom service for you!

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