For you: photo shoots can be expensive.

For me: I need to practice new techniques.

To fix this problem, I created an opportunity called the Test Shoot Program by Dupon Photography! An opportunity for you to get free pictures and allows me to experiment with new photography methods (that may or may not work).

How does the Test Shoot Program work?

Each month, I will select at least one person or couple to work with for a test shoot. This shoot will not be the typical paid session experience, rather it will involve a lot of experimenting and going to unusual locations that I will determine. You will still receive images from this shoot, but results may vary. You will also be required to sign a model release as I might use these images on my portfolio.

Types of Test Shoots

Individual Portraits

Individual portraits are great for high school graduation, personal branding, business headshots, and more!

We will go somewhere that you wouldn't normally do individual portraits at. Think of somewhere exciting with some epic photos!

Wedding Portraits

Want more wedding portraits the day after your wedding? Or want to get dressed up again to re-imagine your special day? If so then let's do something fun!

We will go somewhere we otherwise wouldn't go if it was during a wedding. Think of somewhere exciting with some epic photos!

Couple Portraits

If you are engaged or have recently gotten married, let's plan a fun Test Shoot we can do!

We will go somewhere that you wouldn't normally do couple portraits at. Think of somewhere exciting with some epic photos!


Have an idea for a different type of test shoot? Fill out the form below and make sure to include your idea! I would love to review it.

Interested? Fill out the form below

If you are interested in the Dupon Photography Test Shoot Program, fill out the form below. I will choose one lucky winner each month to participate in this program!

(If you are doing a couple or wedding portrait test shoot)

Provide any information you would like me to know. Some things you could share include: age, personality type, hobbies, profession, fun facts, favorite locations, etc,. I value privacy, so only include what you are comfortable sharing.

When will I hear back?

I will let you know if you are chosen as a lucky winner. This may take anywhere from one to twelve weeks. However, I will keep your submission form on file, giving you multiple chances to win throughout the year.

If you have any questions, please contact me.