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Dupon Photography is based in the Northern Colorado area and serves all of the United States of America.

Gabriel Dupon

Owner & Creative Lead

Hey there! I am Gabriel and I am super excited that you are here. The journey that you and your fiancé took to get here reading my bio must be a meaningful one.

Now that I have introduced myself, let me talk about what I do best. Capturing stories! My goal is for you to remember the moments of your wedding distraction-free by having an unobtrusive approach.

Picture of Gabriel Dupon

My experience

Now you may be asking about my experience. The truth is... I got none.

Just kidding! My experience stated simply is this: I have been creating artwork for the last ten years, authored a photography book, captured award-winning moments, and have artwork that is part of the Colorado driver's license design. However, most importantly, I have many happy clients!

Also, I have been featured in some pretty cool places, as you can see below.

I have been seen in

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Some fun facts about me

I love to be outside and travel. Visiting National Parks, exploring new cities, reading, skiing, rock climbing, volunteering with 4-H, and making açaí bowls are just a few things I love to do. Right now I am really into gardening and trying out different types of peppers! Yeah, I even have a very boutique micro farm called Gabe's Garden!

How I can help you

My goal is to care for all of my clients. When you hire me to capture your moments, I want to learn about how I can provide you with the best experience and artwork possible!

I understand that hiring a photographer or cinematographer can be daunting. After all, you don't know how they are going to perform on your big day. Let me cater my creative services to make you happy. I will always be respectful, helpful, professional, deliver jaw-dropping artwork, and produce an incredible movie! Want me to prove it? Let's schedule a time to talk!

Making people happy is my favorite thing to do

Gabriel Dupon taking a wedding photo in Venice Florida

Destination wedding on the beach in Venice Florida. Photo by Sarasota Wedding Company.

Gabriel Dupon taking a wedding photo in Lory State Park

Micro wedding at Lory State Park. Photo by Sweetheart Weddings.

My artistic style

My style is all about creating artwork that remains fresh for generations. I describe my natural style as Authentic & Timeless.

Style principle N˚1: Authenticity

When you look at a piece of art, you want to look at the real and amazing version of that moment captured! Using natural light and minimal computer enhancement is also prioritized when possible to help keep the artwork truly authentic!

Style principle N˚2: Timelessness

Art needs to be cherished throughout the years and remind you of how precious time can certainly be! They need to be captured in a way that makes you deluged with emotion in a way that can't be described. Ultimately, they're more than a piece of art or history, but also something of who we are, from the inside out...

These art is meaningfully kept

Anyone can take pictures in this world because we all have cameras in our pockets, however, not everyone can create art that means something... Meaningful artwork is another way of saying that art can tell a story and have a purpose. This is the type of art that encourages you to truly love, accept, embrace, and become more confident. This art could be of you!

My why factor

Mission statement

“To timelessly and authentically document meaningful stories to preserve them for generations.”

Vision statement

“To become the best documentary storyteller that inspires families to live their life joyfully."


Photography is a beautiful thing. Not necessarily capturing what we can see, but rather what we can’t see...

Read my core values

My gear

I only use the best gear! I choose all of my main optical equipment from Nikon.


Primary: Nikon D780

Secondary: Nikon D750


Zoom: 24-70mm F2.8

Zoom: 70-200mm F2.8

Prime: 35mm F1.8

Prime: 50mm F1.8

Prime: 85mm F1.8

Prime: 105mm macro


I use a wide variety of accessories from: Zeiss, Sennheiser, Peak Design, Matthews, Redrock Micro, Spider Holsters, ThinkTank, Canon, Zoom, Sony, Tiffen, Steadicam, Manfrotto, Apple, Glyph, Rode, Zoom, DJI, Atomos, Impact, MagMod, SanDisk, Westcott, Panasonic, Tascam, SanDisk, Steadicam, Focusrite, and many others.

Contact me to get started!

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