Wedding cinematography

When cinema meets journalism

My approach when shooting videos for your special moments is simple. I create a short film that is both cinematic and journalistic, all while capturing everything timelessly & authentically.

Customized packages

I work with every couple to create the most kick-ass package for their wedding! I believe every couple is truly unique, including you! Let's create a unique package with a mic-dropping short film just for you... Because you deserve it!

Currently, my cinematography pricing is the same as my photography pricing. Please visit the investment page to view pricing. Contact me if you have any questions!

Featured review

"Our experience with Dupon Photography was absolutely incredible! We are all thrilled with how the wedding video turned out! Gabriel was so professional during the wedding. We have been to several weddings where the videographer was in the middle of the ceremony & in the way! Gabriel was respectful of guests & the wedding party and stayed very inconspicuous. He was very professionally dressed. The wedding video was so creative & uniquely done to the couple. The video perfectly captured the wedding day! We were all surprised at how quickly Gabriel edited the video & delivered it to us! We cry every time we watch this treasured memory! Thank you Dupon Photography for capturing, creating & pouring such beauty into our wedding video!" - Kirstine (mother of the bride)

All Cinema Services Include

Delivery of the short film

I will send your short film to a virtual theater that you can enjoy! You can share the virtual theater with your friends, family, and guests.

There is also an option to download the short film.

Quick turnaround time

After your wedding, expect to receive your highlight film no later than three weeks after your wedding.

It takes a very long time to master the audio, edit the timeline, and color correct/grade the footage.

Write & share rights

You can write your film on any digital medium or share the film with all your family and friends.

À La Carte Options

All wedding cinema packages are fully customizable to meet the uniqueness of your event needs.

Here are just a few of the ways you can customize your package:

• Enhanced Wedding Planning Services
• Full video of ceremony & toasts
• Additional video coverage
• Premium Motion album
• Wedding feature film
• Engagement session
• Expedited Delivery
• Rehearsal dinner
• CD of all audio
• USB drive

Data protection

I provide a complimentary security backup of all your pictures, video footage, audio recordings, and important documents.

Full resolution

I provide you with a high-quality, unwatermarked highlight film. This film will be available to download online or the file will be delivered to you through a USB drive.

Lifelike editing

My overall approach is to edit video footage with a non-trendy, lifelike, and bright approach that will be timeless for generations.

Video coverage

For cinematography, expect to receive about 90-120 seconds of fully edited video per hour. The length can vary greatly depending on how you want the final film to be made.


Dupon Photography LLC is insured through PPA with Lockton Affinity for $2,000,000.00. I also have an Indemnification Trust and equipment insurance.

I never want anything bad to ever happen, but having insurance allows everyone to have peace of mind. Additionally, it allows me to get CUA videography permits to take videos in special locations (such as National Parks) and send a certificate (COI) to your venue.


I will support you before, during, and after your big day. I do this because I want to make sure you are confident in my services of capturing all of your precious memories.

I can help you plan your photo shoot and answer any questions you may have.


Typically the travel to get to your wedding or portrait session is complimentary.

If your photo shoot is beyond the NOCO area, expect a travel/destination fee with your package. Associated costs could include flights, lodging, and ground transportation.


All short films will have premium licensed music. You can pick the music yourself from legal source or I can find the music for you.

More than what meets the eye

Natural wedding cinematography is an investment into your future. I don't make your wedding into a production and I don't make your imagery look fake either. My films stay timeless and will preserve all of your precious memories.

Why is this all important?

Because my films resemble the start of your new family bloodline. How beautiful is that?

Cinema specific FAQ

What is the difference between videography and cinematography?

Dupon Photography does not provide videography services. Videography is about simply using a device to capture something. There is no creativity involved,

Instead, Dupon Photography offers cinematography service. Cinematography is the art and science of putting together a motion picture. There is a lot of creativity involved and the finished product is the same quality of a movie.

Do you provide both photo & cinema at the same event?

No. I can only provide either photography or cinematography services. Not both at the same event.

If you have questions about photo/video services, feel free to contact me.

How do you work with other wedding vendors?

I want to act as if all the vendors at your wedding are good friends! The two most important vendors I will collaborate with will be the photographer and the DJ.

I respect that we all have a job to do and work with them so we all can create a beautiful experience for you!

Do you allow any feedback or additional edits?

Once I have produced a Final Cut of your film, I allow you to make any edit requests. The first round/set of edit requests is free of charge.

Additional rounds of editing will require an extra post-production fee.

What does your cinema packages include?

What my packages include depends on what you need. Packages can be put together À La Carte.

For weddings, you can expect to receive a fully edited short film of your special day. This film can vary in duration depending on what you want. Typical lengths are anywhere from 7 to 15 minutes long.

For commercial or film production, please contact Gabriel Dupon at for details.

What is your cinematography approach?

The goal is to capture beautiful moments without interrupting your special day. I find it embarrassing how many videographers get in the way and become super intrusive on your wedding day.

My approach on your special day is incognito, professional, and non-intrusive. Remember the moments on your special day, not the videographer.

What video services do you provide?

Dupon Photography can provide cinematography for weddings or commercial projects. Inquire to learn more!

When will I receive the short film?

Usually, the short film is delivered within three weeks after your wedding concludes. During this time, your film is being edited. This includes
• inspecting & selecting footage
• editing footage on the timeline
• color correcting & grading
• creating custom titles
• rendering all footage
• adding music to the film
• mixing the audio
• uploading in a high-resolution format to an online gallery,
• sending to you with access.

If a motion album or USB drive comes with your package, it will arrive within four weeks of your wedding.

Please contact Dupon Photography if you have any questions.

Can you provide drone coverage?

Yes, Dupon Photography can provide drone coverage when possible! Some locations do not allow drones (such as near airports or national parks), but other than that, drones can fly for you.

Dupon Photography is legally allowed to fly drones commercially in the USA. I have my UAG certificate to fly within part 107 of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) rules.

What is your filmmaking style?

My style of cinematography is the same as my photography. I believe in capturing your special moments timelessly & authentically.

I love capturing heartwarming candid moments with a very cinematic & non-intrusive approach. It will be like watching a movie about your special day!

What music can we choose?

Since most music is copyrighted, I have suppliers to source my music legally for you. I can send them to you, so you can pick a few songs to go along with your film. If this sounds like a lot to do, I can find a beautiful music track for you.

Tip: I recommend finding a music track that doesn't have any lyrics for a more cinematic & heartfelt film.

Let's start your journey

Interested in a natural-looking short film to be captured on your special day? Inquire today to learn more!

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