We invest a lot of time and money when we get married. We do this because it is the single day in our life that we get to celebrate becoming together with the one we ultimately love.

Because of that, weddings are very expensive. In this blog post, I am going to explain the costs of weddings in Colorado!

Colorado wedding budgets

Typically, the larger your wedding, the more expensive the venue and catering are going to be. It is also no surprise that this is the largest portion of your wedding budget.

You can find a lot of intimate wedding venues for up to 50 guests that are budget-friendly. You can also find much larger venues that will accommodate 300+ guests, but of course, that will increase your costs significantly.

According to Zola in 2023, the average cost of a wedding in Colorado is about $25,625. However, you need to realize that includes every type of wedding in the state. From expensive destination weddings in Aspen to a home wedding in a small town called Wellington.

The true price of your wedding will vary greatly. It may be a lot more or significantly less than the average. Below are some general budget ranges to consider.

Low budget

Don't let that expensive venue price scare you. There are many brides that plan their dream wedding in Colorado and still do it for a reasonable amount.

There are a lot of affordable venues in the Front Range and the eastern side of the state. You can also find some in the mountains too, but there aren't very many.

Not all weddings that I photograph are actually at a venue. Some are even in the comfort of a family member's home. Just remember this: no matter where you get married, you can still make it beautiful and memorable.

Also, Colorado is a great state for elopements with many beautiful areas such as the Maroon Bells, Sprague Lake, and the Great Sand Dunes. Just make sure you get a permit early because they get picked up quickly!

Average budget

Now if you have an average wedding budget, you may be thinking about what type of wedding you can plan in Colorado.

The good news is that you have a lot of options. The only thing you need to be careful about is knowing your limitations.

For example, an average budget will allow you to get married in Estes Park. However, you will soon discover that there are many premium venues there such as the Della Terra and the Stanley Hotel.

Unless you get married on a weekday, your budget may not allow for these premium venues.

Also, make sure you consider vendor costs. Limitations apply there as well. For example, do you really need a videographer? Or perhaps that expensive hair & makeup artist?

Of course, get what matters to you, but make sure you stay on budget.

High budget

In Colorado, you can find many premium wedding venues in locations such as Aspen, Estes Park, Breckenridge, and Beaver Creek. The venues that you will find at these locations are sure to be gorgeous but come with high-end venue costs.

If you are wanting to get married in Colorado with that majestic mountain feel, prepare to pay a hefty price.

What does the cost include?

As mentioned previously, the venue and catering is the biggest wedding expense. You can expect to pay about 45% (or more) of your budget on this. You will also end up spending anywhere from 30% to 55% of your budget on wedding vendors.

These vendors include the photographer, DJ, cake, hair & makeup, flowers, planner, and transportation. You can also hire other vendors such as a videographer or band. Just note that this will eat a higher percentage into your budget if you choose to hire additional vendors.

I cannot give an exact percentage for each vendor because it is different for every couple. For example, some couples may spend more on the cake because the bride may have always dreamed of having an extravagant cake at their wedding.

Also consider other costs that usually are not part of the budget estimates. This can include the dress, suit, gifts, wedding rings, hotel, rehearsal dinner, and any miscellaneous costs.

Ultimately, just realize that there is no one-size-fits-all wedding budget. Every couple is unique and will therefore have a unique budget. Do some research, write down what is most important to you, and talk with your fiancé.

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