Dupon Photography's approach is to provide you with a unique boutique experience!

What you can expect

You can expect professionalism, fast communication, and a passion to help you! Need to talk about adjusting the timeline for family formals? Dupon Photography can help you as soon as possible! Not happy with something that I did? I will do my best to correct the matter while being very respectful to you.

What happens on the day of?

I get dressed nicely and I am ready for whatever is going to be thrown at me!

The goal is to capture all those simple details, special moments, and to make everyone look pretty. During your event, my approach is non-intrusive and incognito, so you can forget that I am even at your event.


Efficiently and manually operate with my equipment for consistent results. I communicate effectively with everyone to achieve a desired result of high quality. I don't accept low-quality results and you shouldn't either!


Aware of the surroundings and a vision of how to create beautiful art. I expose and light scenes that are natural yet bright. My ultimate goal is to create jaw-dropping artwork!

After the event

For the next two or three weeks, the best artwork will be selected, inspected, retouched, and color-corrected. The art is edited using an elegant and simple approach to keep them looking authentic, but never to look outdated.

Once this stage is complete, all the artwork will be delivered to you through an online gallery. If prints or albums are ordered, those will also be carefully designed and created to meet master quality.

Finally, I will make sure that you're satisfied with the artistic results, along with the printing results, and I will continue to help you in any way that is needed.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and thanks for readings!


Gabriel Dupon