Wedding at Evergreen Red Barn 2021

The Evergreen Red Barn is a beautiful wedding venue! I had the opportunity to photograph there for the wedding of Alexis & Miles in August 2021! The best part? My favorite portrait of 2021 was captured at this wedding!

Game-changing Details

I love being able to capture detail shots, but doing them outside is a game-changer! The Evergreen Red Barn provided many location opportunities to embrace the wild side of elegant detail shots!

Wedding bouquet in Evergreen Colorado
Wedding tie in Evergreen Colorado
White wedding shoes in Evergreen Colorado
Hanging wedding suit for the groom in Evergreen Colorado
Hanging wedding dress for the bride in Evergreen Colorado

Getting Ready

The venue provided getting-ready rooms, which was nice as travel between locations wasn't necessary. It was also easier to get pictures of the groomsmen getting ready since both the bridal and groom's suites were right next to each other!

These rooms had lots of windows, so I was able to utilize a lot of natural light when capturing these getting-ready shots.

Bride getting ready
Groom getting ready

Short & Sweet Ceremony

This wedding had a very short ceremony, but it was a very sweet one! The weather forecast showed thunderstorms during the ceremony, but fortunately the weather turned out to be fantastic!

The trees framed all the pictures for some great captures!

Bride walking down the aisle in Evergreen Colorado

The bride walking down the aisle with her mother.

Groom seeing the bride for the first time in Evergreen Colorado

The groom looking at the bride walking down the aisle. This is a shot that I feel is very important to capture!

Wedding ceremony in Evergreen Colorado

Pretty Portraits

The portraits were captured near the ceremony because of the beautiful tall trees! It was also convenient for the families. When I do portraits, light is my priority, but I can always appreciate a pretty location!

Groomsmen with a dog in Evergreen Colorado

This picture was actually a candid moment captured before the ceremony.

Wedding party in Evergreen Colorado

You wouldn't know it, but I was standing on a log to get this picture. When I was taking this portraits of the entire wedding party, someone told me that this was going to be the perfect picture!

Portrait of the bride and groom in Evergreen Colorado

The ceremony was very delayed, so we didn't have much time to photograph the bride and groom after. It was unfortunate, but I am glad that I was able to capture this sweet photo of Alexis and Miles!

My Favorite Portrait of 2021

I loved how this picture turned out. Very simple and elegant! This will definitely be one of my favorite portraits of 2021.

Bride holding her bouquet in Evergreen Colorado

Last but not least: The Reception

The reception was super fun and I loved capturing that enjoyment! My favorite was the awesome dances (with some emotional moments that I just love to photograph) and the fantastic music from DJ G6!

Mother and bride hugging each other during the reception
Groom and mother dance during the reception
Dance at the Evergreen Red Barn


I know this is random, but let's just be honestly here. Cake tastes really good, but there is something really special about a good picture of cake! Like a good picture of cake makes you just appreciate the elegance and beautiful artwork involved into making it (that could just be me since I used to enjoy cake decorating a long time ago). And sometimes it just makes your mouth water...

Pretty white and pink wedding cake with flowers

After the Wedding

At this wedding, I really made an effort to make sure everyone was having fun as I captured the beautiful pictures! My thinking is that the more fun you have, the less you think about your picture being taken. In fact the bride and groom came to me during the reception and mentioned how much fun that I added to their special day. I love hearing that from my clients! Once I delivered the photos to the newlywed couple, I got responses on how much they loved the photos and how they were fantastic! They also wrote the following testimonial:

“Gabriel made the entire experience so much fun and the photos came out beautiful! I would highly recommend him to any of our friends or family that are looking for someone to capture their best memories.”

Reading that from my clients is just amazing! That is what helps remind me to just keep going and take better wedding pictures!

Thanks for reading!


Gabriel Dupon