Fast airplanes and fast shutter speeds

I wasn't planning on going to watch the airshow at FNL airport on October 16th, but I changed my mind the morning of the show. Tickets were sold out, so I just stopped on the side of the road. Spontaneous adventures are awesome! Taking my camera was a last-minute idea too!

Not just boring sky

I don't like to just take a picture of what it is. I am always trying to find a unique perspective. At first, I was just like every other photographer out there. Just point and shoot without thinking much of it. However, I quickly decided to take a different approach and add a little creativity!

Obsessive framing

I captured the above images (except the far left one) through a tree that I found on the side of the road. Framing through a tree was very difficult, but I believed that it would be worth it! And I was absolutely right as the images turned out to be fantastic!

Additionally, I don't just Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! I am a strong believer that if you don't need to take a thousand pictures, THEN YOU DON'T NEED TO!!!! Instead, I just focus on my breathing and the framing of the subject and only take the picture if I think it will be good!

My settings

I shot the images at a very low aperture of f/2.8, so I could use a fast shutter speed of up to 1/4,000s. My ISO was kept down to 200 for a visually clean image! The lens focusing was restricted to 5m-∞ (feature on my lens) to keep the focusing fast. Usually, I don't ever need to refocus on subjects like this since they are often distanced from me. All photos were shot in manual mode and edited in Lightroom.

Thanks for reading

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Gabriel Dupon