How often do you come across a new piece of technology or a new app that claims to help you become more efficient? Or perhaps… Helps you get stuff done?

I have always been a big fan of all these gadgets and fancy software, but it got me thinking late one night. Do our modern productivity methods live up to the hype? Or are they just overrated? 

The answer? You need to get rid of your current productivity methods and invent new methods! Using software is powerful, but it comes with the limitations of the user not understanding them. 

Below I provide you five insights into why I think management software could be killing your productivity, and how to combat it!

The double-edged sword

We put systems in place for a purpose. That is to establish efficiency! However, those systems can also become problematic if you spend too much time using them.

I have found myself many times trying a new productivity app for my own company, just to realize how ineffective it was.

What is the point of using something if it defeats its purpose? Well, that brings us to my next point.

Technology is just a tool

Tools can be abused or used improperly. Additionally, each tool should be used with discretion based on its purpose and the context of the situation.

For example, sophisticated project management software may be useful for a design team of 20-plus people. However, it may not be useful for smaller teams consisting of a few individuals.

Or maybe the company has a very simple approach to its design timelines and doesn’t need such software. The opposite is also true.

Making sure you are using tools the way that they are intended is important to stay productive. However, this may not always be the case…

There is a balance

Maybe you are using a piece of software or technological device correctly. That means the problem is actually a balance issue.

In the past when I worked on a project, I can get so excited that I want to track every step of the process. Part of the reason I have done this is that I was obsessing. This cost a lot of time.

It is important of course to stay on track with your projects, but obsessing over the system can be detrimental. You should be aiming to find the balance that works to make solid progress in a timely manner.

Invent your methods

The methods that you design should have the purpose of using technology to complete redundant tasks and to help keep everyone stay on track.

Technology is not a replacement for people, but rather a tool that people can use to get the most out of their time. That should always be the goal.

I hope this blog post gives you some clarity into productivity and using software to innovate the operations in your company!

Thanks for reading!


Gabriel Dupon