The sky is the limit

When I sign the contract with my clients, I provide a clause that gives them legal permission to unlimited printing and sharing of the pictures captured at their events for any non-commercial purposes. I think that every photographer should provide this with their clients to be fair and to avoid any frustrations.

Unlimited printing

Clients shouldn't be locked in with having to purchase prints or special photo products from their photographers. Instead, they should have the freedom to print the pictures from their home or order photo products from any printing lab! Without any limit on how they can print.

However, if you're a client and printing stresses you out, you can order through the online gallery to get your wall displays to be made right! All orders have guaranteed quality or they will be reprinted.

Unlimited sharing

Additionally, clients should have complete permission to share their pictures on any social media platform and or website! Why would you get pictures of your special day and have a photographer not let you share them? That doesn't sound right, so giving clients unlimited sharing anywhere on the internet is the right thing to do. However, I would kindly ask clients to not apply any filters or re-edit the pictures as it can misrepresent your style & brand.

Add the clauses

Did you think that you were going to get free release forms? Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen. You need to talk to your attorney to get that written in your contract.

A popular contract resource is The LawTog®. They have a big Facebook community and a helpful website with contracts you can purchase from.


Gabriel Dupon

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