Imagine walking into a store and wanting to buy a new water bottle. By the time you reach the drink-ware section, you become overwhelmed with so many options! They all merely do the same thing — hold water that is — but how are you going to choose?

When you are selling a product, most likely there is already some other version of it from another company. So this brings us to an important question… How do we convince customers to choose your product as the best option over the competition? 

The answers aren’t about just having the best products, but rather a marketing strategy that captivates your audience! 

From my experience, you will find below my three techniques to help promote your product (or service) from basic to extraordinary!

1 - Promote the experience

Would you agree that from a fundamental level, people want to use what they buy? That is of course true, but there is more to it.

Customers are buying an experience that helps them enjoy life better. They see other people doing something, and they think to themselves “wow, I am really missing out.”  This makes them vulnerable.

That makes what you need to do very clear. Find a way to demonstrate the experience people could get from it! Do this successfully, and it will easily convince them to buy your product. 

Watch some commercials (especially credit card or car commercials) and notice how they put them together. They aren’t advertising the product, but the experience you get from using it.

Below I have put together an example of what this looks like using a fictional company.

Here is an example of how the experience is promoted: 

SuperH2O bottles could be your opportunity to go on fun adventures because SuperH2O bottles will always be a reliable choice no matter where you go.

2 - Promote the why factor

People don’t buy what you make, but rather why you make it! There are two reasons why this happens:

A - Supporting something: customers like to feel good about themselves when they support a cause or an idea that helps people.

B - Building trust: when you share your story of why you do something, this builds trust with the customers.

The best thing you can do is take your mission statement and make sure your brand represents it.

Here is an example of how the why factor is promoted: 

John noticed how uncomfortable it was to carry a water bottle and went out to design an entirely new bottle shape to solve this issue. Today, this is known as the SuperH2O bottle.

3 - Promote the representation

Customers buy products that add to who they are. They want to choose something that appears impressive (even if it is not).

Personally, I find that people subconsciously choose their products based on feel and status. What exactly does this mean?

Feel is how people emotionally value the product based on their own judgment, regardless of its actual value. Status is a question the customer asks if the product makes them better in some way.

Usually, all of this is determined based on how the product is presented. Have you ever noticed how expensive the packaging is when you buy a new gadget like a smartphone? I have even bought an HDMI cable that came in a super fancy box!

Here is an example of how the representation is promoted:

A community or fanbase is established around the SuperH2O bottles. This water bottle is presented with its own unique character. The display of the bottle is so cool that customers feel the urge to show it to everyone!


It is important to understand that there is no one secret way to marketing. This is because every company is unique and operates their business differently. 

The true secret ingredient to the best marketing is using the method that works best for your company. So why did I write this blog post?

I wrote this blog because it can allow you to see marketing from a different perspective. Implementing my above techniques can be a great way to discover new creative ways to promote your brand. It might work. It might not. I guess you will just have to try it out.

Thanks for reading!


Gabriel Dupon