Storyboards and shot lists are great because they can be used to visualize scenes when working on a film project. However, photographers can also use them to sketch out and make plans in order to capture a picture successfully.

A useful tool

Well whatever you might use a storyboard or shot list for, I have a few templates to help get you started. All are available to you for free!

Each storyboard template is a different ratio (if that matters to you). This includes the standard HD ratio of 16:9, but there are also wide cinematic ratios available (flat and scope).

Simple instructions

Step 1 - Download any or all of the templates (below). The storyboards are PDF and print-ready. The shot list is a Google Docs file, needs to be copied on your drive, and needs to be filled out.

Step 2 - Print out as many as you need. You can modify or recreate them to meet your needs.

Step 3 - Cut them out (optional) and enjoy!

Creative Commons License

The storyboard and shot list templates are free for you to use in any manner you would like under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license. You can give credit to Dupon Photography or Gabriel Dupon. Click here for details.

How to utilize these documents

When I have worked on short film projects in the past, using a shot list with storyboards helps immensely.

The shot list can be used to understand how you are going to film each scene. While the storyboards will help you visualize the shots.

Storyboarding can be time-consuming, so I only use it if I am having a hard time conveying a specific shot (or scene) to my crew.

Thanks for checking this out!

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Gabriel Dupon